A selection of responses to this year’s Janáček Brno Festival will be added here.

Selection of responses to previous years of the Janáček Brno festival:

“With the last chords of this impressive performance, the audience cheers and applauds wildly for Tomáš Netopil, who seems to have added colours to the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande that we have not seen before.” ResMusica.com (2022)


“An extremely intense hour that will remain in the memory for a long time, probably forever… You don’t always leave a concert with such a feeling. The experience of Saturday’s Brno recital by tenor Nicky Spence, pianist Julius Drake and mezzo-soprano Václava Krejčí Housková had such power.” KlasikaPlus.cz (2022)


“The orchestra played with absolute clarity and a strong understanding of the mood of the work, with a perfect sense of the drama and lyricism of Janáček’s composition. Netopil’s staging was varied and rich in subtle nuances, but restrained in extremes, allowing the opera to reveal its true musical highlights.” Opus Musicum, Lukáš Pavlica (2022)


“This was a brilliantly conceived production, superbly staged and acted. The central role is played by the choir, which gave a great performance that captures Janáček’s genius in writing choral music. It was by turns uplifting and joyful, admiring and captivating.” Opera Wire, Alan Neilson (2022)


“Thanks to the operas “Jenůfa”, “Katya Kabanova” and “The Makropulos Affair”, the music of the Czech composer Leoš Janáček is a key part of the 20th century operatic repertoire. Under the supervision of director Robert Carsen, one of the most consistent directors working today, Destiny gives audiences access to Janáček’s masterful musical style.” Seth Colter Walls, NY TIMES (2021)


“The instrumental score and choral singing are as varied as they are dramatic. Vocal and instrumental forces are well combined on the recording under the dedicated leadership of Marko Ivanović, chief conductor of the Opera of the National Theatre Brno.” Wayne Gooding, Opera Canada, Destiny (2021)


“Mattila does not play a role, she dwells in it. Her agony was tangible and her desperation was like a flame that kept growing until it brought her to the unthinkable.” Bachtrack, Frank Kuznik (2020)


“Special mention should be made of the choir of the National Theatre Brno, both on stage and musically, all its members acting and singing with absolute devotion to this music which is so close to their hearts.” Mundoclasico.com, Robert Ferrer (2020)


“Even in the colder season it is possible to experience a beautiful festival… Thunderous applause for all!” J. Gahre, Das Opernglas (winter festivals section) (2018)


“The logistics of such a festival is very demanding, but Brno has venues where it can take place. Packed with theatres, art galleries, Gothic and Baroque churches, remarkable functionalist architecture and the Janáček Trail… time spent in this unique location can never be wasted.” David Nice, Theartsdesk.com (2018)


“The Opera of the National Theatre Brno has recently surprised us with one excellent production after another. Let’s finally admit without false modesty that what is currently taking place on the stage of the Janáček Theatre is world-class and Brno is experiencing golden times.” Harmonie, Martin Flašar (2016)


“The centre of Brno seemed to revolve around music.” Der neue Merker, Sieglinde Pfabigan (2016)


“A masterfully concentrated evening that already made a splash in April 2015 when it was performed at the Collaborative Opera in Gothenburg – the place David Radok has chosen as his artistic homeland.” OPERN WELT, Albrecht Thiemann (2016)