23. 11. 2024, 3 p.m.

Reduta Theatre (Mozart Hall)

Dětský sbor Brno

Choirmaster: Valeria Maťašová

Reciter: Pavel Čeněk Vaculík

The performance lasts for 60 minutes without pause.

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Petr Eben: Elce pelce kotrmelce

The concert is intended for younger children audiences as well as adult listeners. The composer, organist and pianist Petr Eben (1929–2007) is known primarily as a composer of sacred music, but he also dedicated an equally important part of his work to children. Probably the best known among these works is the song cycle Elce pelce kotrmelce on lyrics by Václav Fišer. The cycle was created in the difficult years 1969–70 and later the songs were supplemented by a fairytale by the composer’s son Marek Eben.

Jiří Zahrádka