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The Janáček Brno 2020 international festival is also open to foreign spectators.

We are offering special live streams of two exceptional concerts to our loyal visitors from all over the world, for whom a visit to the festival is not possible this year due to the COVID-19 situation. Of course, even those who can make it to the festival are also very welcome to watch!

On Thursday evening, October 1, a live stream from the premiere performance of The Diary of One Who Disappeared based on Leoš Janáček´s stage directions will be available on the festival website. The main performer will be Pavol Brešlík, one of Slovakia’s leading tenors.

On Tuesday evening, October 6, repeated performance of The Diary of One Who Disappeared

On Sunday morning, October 11, the festival website will offer a live stream of a concert by a world-famous ensemble: the Pavel Haas Quartet.

On Friday, October 16, The final concert of the Bamberg Symphony will take place in the form of a live stream from the concert hall in Bamberg to the auditorium of the Janáček Theatre and on the Bamberg Symphony website (and our site also).

We hope and believe that we will meet again at the festival in 2022.