14. 11. 2024, 7 p.m., premiere

Reduta Theatre (Theatre Hall)

Brno Conservatory Opera Studio

Vitka the Fated (A Love Carol)
Víťezslava Kaprálová, Bohuslav Martinů

Theme and music collage: Tomáš Krejčí

Director: Alexandra Bolfová

The production was prepared by the Opera Studio of the Brno Conservatory in cooperation with the National Theatre Brno for the Janáček Brno 2024 International Opera and Music Festival.

The performance lasts for 80 minutes without pause.


Other dates of performance: 17.11. at 11 a.m.

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Theme and music collage: Tomáš Krejčí
Script: Hana Mikolášková
Director: Alexandra Bolfová
Choreography: Ladislava Košíková
Musical staging: Tomáš Krejčí and Katarína Duchoňová

For many men, she was a femme fatale. She loved them, but her heart belonged to music above all else. Can a man choose his destiny or can he just succumb to it? And how does the history we are part of affect us? The life and love story of Czech composer and conductor Vítězslava Kapralová, whose journey ended too soon.

The musical-dramatic collage will feature a selection of works by Vitka Kapralová and her most famous lover and admirer, Bohuslav Martinů (including excerpts from the opera Juliette), as well as quotations from authentic correspondence.