On an Not Overgrown Path

Valašský vojvoda folklore ensemble (Kozlovice)

Podskalák National Song Ensemble (Troubsko)

Kašava Wallachian Ensemble (Zlín)

Strání folklore ensemble

piper and singer Pavel Popelka


This programme features folklore groups from areas which were at the very centre of L. Janáček´s folkloristic attention. These are regions in which the composer wrote down the local folk songs, dances and folk instrumental music. Janáček´s native Lachia will be primarily represented (with an emphasis on local dances as a source of inspiration for the work entitled Lachian Dances, and also Janáček´s literary activities), but other regions will also be covered: Luhačovice Zálesí (a staged group of songs taken from those written down directly by Janáček in the village of Ludkovice) and Slovácko (Strání – the podšable dance which Janáček presented in Brno in 1899; Strážnice – Janáček´s recordings of the playing of local musicians, and also danaj dances and folk songs from the village of Vnorovy in the vicinity of Strážnice).
Lucie Uhlíková